Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sweet Picks at the Daytona Beach Farmers Market!

Hello all! Today, I spent my Saturday morning at 
the Daytona Beach Farmer's Market at City Island.
The farmer's market is open every Saturday from 7a-1p sometimes they close early so beat the rush and get there early!!

I love visiting the local farmer's market! Great finds for liveaboards and cruisers. Healthy foods, fruits and veggies plus toiletries and even local art, and it is close to the marina, within walking distance!

I went today with only $20 bucks in my pocket.
I gotta stay within my budget these days!

This is my LOT I came home with!

Sweet Pickins' today!
I found many things that are unique such as the biggest sweet potatoes I have ever seen!
A local artist that does some incredible wood carvings into tikis
 "We Scare Off Bad Mojo"
David, a local Daytona Beach artist 
The "sweetest peaches in Florida" says the bbq master himself
And last but not least, the sweet aroma was killing me all the way down the row until I reached
the Herbert's Bakery (located in Port Orange). I snatched up 3 of the most delish cinnamon rolls!
I took all of them! :)
It sure was a sweet morning! 
Thanks to everyone for taking their time in sharing some of their items  with me!
Come on by and support our local artisans and vendors!

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