The Crew

The Sea Dragon Crew

"The Captain" Kim Elrod:

    I'm a lifetime power boater going all the way back to grade school . Hell, my very earliest memory is being put onto a capsized boat hull by my dad when I was maybe 6-7 yrs old. Between my father, my father in law, and myself there has always been a boat of some sort in my life. Starting this adventure into sailing is one of the most exciting steps in my boating life.
I'm already hooked by the awesome force of nature in the sails pushing our vessel along and the majestic beauty of a sailboat gliding through the water.

Fair winds and following seas my friends.

Cpt. Kim

Admiral: Britt The "Crafty Crochet Chic" Elrod

    I was born and raised in the mid-west USA (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and basically landlocked on all borders but my heart and mind has been in love with the water. Of course I am an Aquarius so that may have a little something to do with it. As a child, my family and I always made it a point to go out on lots camping trips, and family trips near home and abroad. I can remember many summers at the lake boating and playing, cooking and fishing and feeling so much joy. I have always enjoyed traveling and learning about new places and meeting new people learning about the cultures. Regarding this Sailing adventure, this is my chance to share with my own children so they can experience their own history in the making. Professionally, I have worked in the communications field and enjoy writing, social network marketing and graphic design. In my spare time, I love to knit and crochet (Britt's Crochet Corner), learn new recipes cooking, go shelling on the beach, and do lots of star gazing at night as I am a big geek when it comes to astronomy. Homeschooling the kids takes up a lot of time and it is a way of life just as learning is an everyday experience. "All of life is a constant education." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

First Mate: Shelby "Brains" Elrod">>

    16 years old, Virtual School student at FLVS, loves gaming, reading comics, and discovering new technology for sustainable living and creating communication pathways for education and research.

Second Mate: Blayne "Awesome Dude" Elrod>>

    I am just your average, good looking, smart, funny, video game playing, programmer. I homeschool on Flvs, I am 13(almost 14), in 8th grade. well,I live on a sailboat, which is pretty epic if i say so myself..which i do. I spend most of my time playing with Abigail the sailor cat, playing on my Xbox(im a gamer and proud of it) , fishing, working on the boat,and sailing. Now back to programming. one of the things I love most, is programing, which i do on Khanacademy. also I love marvel, DC comics, and all that stuff.. So yeah, thats me.. and Bye!

Cabin Cat: Abigail Von Elrod the Sailor Cat>>

    Abigail was rescued as a mere kitten from the shelter, she now lives in harmony keeping us company and a watchful eye upon SV SeaDragon. Abigail entertains us, comforts us and wards off any uninvited guests such as bugs and other small critters that may find its way aboard. She is apart of our family and loves sailing as much as we do!

Help us keep the dream alive and reach our goal of sailing around the world! 

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