Thursday, July 23, 2015

Doing Research on our Boat.

I love design and architecture, and anyone that knows me personally knows I can not sit around and not know the history of anything I own. I am always researching facts and information about things.

I came upon this awesome website that covers information all about our boat and other models design by C&C.
Check it out here >

C&C 38 (1975)

Introduced in 1975, the 38 stood out for not standing out at all. It can best be categorized as "wholesome." A true racer-cruiser, the design performed well around the cans, had good middle-of-the-road stability, and came with a nice interior. It was the perfect size for the cruiser who wanted room below but not too much to handle up on the deck. The market loved it. At 98 units, it was C&C's best-seller of 1976.

I figured out from our hull number (HIN) that we are number 62 out of 98 manufactured. 
Nautical Knowledge, How to read a HIN

From the original  C&C Yachts 38 1976 Sales Brochure 

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