Thursday, July 16, 2015

One fish, Two fish, Yellow Fish

Saw this interesting fish  in the marina today.
It was on top of the water line near the bank very still. Kim and I both assumed it had been washed in with the tide. I looked pretty close and it wasn't swimming but it's gills were flapping about. The water in the basin is very dirty especially after a rain mixing up all the debris so I figured it was sick and dying. I walked down the dock to our slip to fetch a pail and fish net. As I got back to the site where the fish was it had moved. I saw it about ten meters away and put the tip of the net in the water to retrieve it. It flexed and shot down under the water and swam away. I'm glad it was OK, but I still would like to know the type and species of fish it is. If you happen to know please comment or share with someone who might be of some help.

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