Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spotted Jellyfish!!

We saw this cool spotted jellyfish in the marina today!!

Watch the video below!

Our youngest mate B did some research and found out this particular jellyfish is rare!

Here is some info about it:

Marivagia stellata

Mild Stinger 

This species is rare so far, and there is not much information about its effects on humans, apparently it is not a stinger.


Discovered in 2010 along the coasts of Israel by the marine scientist Bella Galil. It comes from the Red Sea, where it probably passed unobserved, and entered the Mediterranean from the Suez Canal. 

How to identify it
The name of the species (stellata) describes star-like reddis spots that adorn the umbrella. It is recorded just from the Eastern most part of the Mediterranean Sea, but it might expand in other seas. If you see it, a picture is needed to confirm your record. 

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