Monday, June 8, 2015

In the Galley Tonight

Tonight on the menu:
Boneless Country Style BBQ Pork Ribs
With Roasted Potatoes and
 Tossed Salad.

I love using my Nesco 5qt roaster/slow cooker while we are here at the dock. It is great for one pot meals , takes up not so much space , and does not heat up the galley too much.
Also, you can cook practically all day long and have dinner ready and waiting while we are doing other things! 
This is a simple dish to prepare and only a few key ingredients.  Most of the ingredients for this recipe you can find already in your pantry/cupboards. 

* 2lbs russett potatoes chopped & quartered
* 2lbs Country Style Boneless Pork Ribs
* Sea salt
* Black Pepper
* Onion Flakes
*4 tblsp Grape seed or Olive oil
*Asian Sesame Ginger Dressing/Marinade
* Honey Barbeque Sauce 

Pre-Heat roaster on highest setting, sprinkle sea salt on to ribs on both sides, add some onion flakes and place into roaster fat side down. Drizzle about 1cup of BBQ sauce over the top just to cover the ribs. 
Now, wash and pat dry the potatoes and slice and quarter them, removing as much skin as possible but leaving some is OK it just adds to the rustic vibe of the dish place,  them in a bowl. Mix in the the grape seed oil coating it well. Add a little onion flake and sea salt and pepper too. Next add the Asian sesame ginger sauce, mix well. Now you are ready to toss the potatoes in with the ribs.
 I also added about 1/4 cup of water to the bottom of the roaster so nothing burns on the bottom and it cooks more even.
Check on them every hour if you can and add BBQ sauce and more marinade if needed.

Slow cook on low for 6-8 hours
Makes about 4-6 servings

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