Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Galley Foods, Gadgets and Books

Hi everyone!!
  I have been busily building up a collection of links and info on galley foods and gadgets to use while living aboard. 
    It can really get boring fixing sandwiches or eating out of a can all the time so I have begun my hunt for the best tasting recipes and most practical gadgets to use when living in such a small space to cook and with not much refrigeration/freezer space.  
    With some smart meal planning and close attention to the budget it all can be done and with a bonus you can do it while being healthy.
 We all know sailing can take a lot of strength and being out on the water or on the dock in the heat long hours/days can take a lot out of you. 
To stay strong you need lots of protein and fresh natural foods such as lean meats, beans, veggies and fruits also lots of water to keep you hydrated.  
(Look for my smoothy, slushy and blender drink recipes soon)

You can find that collection on our page "The  Galley" 

While searching the internet, I stumbled upon this great recipe called Shrimp and Mango and Plantains by the Galley Pirates.
I am definetely going to try this one soon!
They also have other delish recipes on their blog such as soups and stews and banana bread, and crab cake omelets.

See, you don't have to starve or eat out of a can while living on a boat!

Enjoy your  epicurious adventures on the high seas!

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