Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fighting the Big "C"

Fighting the Big "C" called condensation.

  With temperatures dropping near freezing in central Florida a new concern has arose. We have a great 1600 BTU reverse cycle ac/heater but as this article explains when the temperature outside and the temperature inside have at least 20 degrees difference condensation forms.

 We are getting a lot in the main cabin but even more so in the V-berth overhead, with lots of moisture that saturates the bed clothes and mattresses.
One solution we have tried so far is Damp-Rid and EvaDry crystals to absorb the excess moisture.

 It it working to an extent but not enough. Our next step is more ventilation and increase air flow.
We opened up the door on the head and keep it open with a hook/eye latch.
More on that subject and the Damp-Rid can be found in this article on

  Below are some pics of the issue at hand.

The mattress from the aft cabin was wet and had to be aired out
Kim drying the comforter

 Placed 3 of these canisters of Damp Rid around the entire boat

Even tried this contraption called Eva-Dry, not sure if it works or not.

Finally, he Capt. found a de-humidifier and it works!!!

It is a  SPT Mini Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier with UV + TiO2, it is quiet overall and runs well, even has a uv light to absorb bacteria in the air. 

Already within 24 hours of operation it has this much water in the container.
We slept overnight with it on and when we woke up the mattress was dry,the walls and overhead were dry and even the hatch above had less condensation. 
 This has been certainly a trying experience with lots of challenges. I don't like condensation especially when mold can form and spread it can be deadly. 
We are on the right track and will keep using this method from now on. 

Will update soon on any progress.
Any helpful comments are welcome!!

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